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Let's Paddle

Do you have a kayak? Or maybe you've been planning on getting one this season.

Who will you paddle with? Where will you paddle?

And how will you learn some of the ins and outs of sea kayaking?

Inland Sea Kayakers is made up of kayakers of all ages and abilities. We share a joy of getting out on the water and paddling!

ISK fosters a friendly environment where new skills can be learned and existing skills can be polished.


The club hosts a program meeting on the third Monday of each month September through May at REI in Bloomington. Programs include feature presentations by clubmembers and guest speakers.


ISK paddles all year round, although most of our paddling occurs in the warmer weather.


The club offers both overnight and day trips for kayakers of all levels. Favorite destinations include Lake Superior, Lake Mille Lacs, Voyageurs National Park, the Mississippi River and the St. Croix River.


We gather to paddle every Wednesday night from May through September. All are welcome to these informal rendezvous on Lake Calhoun.

During the winter, we enjoy the warmth of indoor paddling with monthly pool sessions.

Instruction & Safety

ISK follows standard kayaking safety practices. Members are required to wear a PFD and spray skirt on club paddles.

Informal instruction is available weekly from other club members during our Wednesday night Lake Calhoun gatherings. These evenings are great opportunities for members to learn from each other and practice skills learned at formal classes.

Other Benefits

  • frequent email newsletters
  • connections to other kayakers
  • kayaking classes
  • website kept up-to-date daily, full of resources
  • winter pool sessions
  • access to our web site which includes members only online forums to schedule impromptu trips, sell gear and equipment

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